Nattokinase Supplement and its Useful Effect on Health

Published: 12th March 2012
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Legend has it that it was the warrior, Minamoto no Yoshiie, who first discovered NattoKinase. It then became a regular part of the Japanese diet in the early seventeenth century. NattoKinase was discovered by modern science in the 1980s through the research work of Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi in Chicago. The term “NattoKinase” was coined by him. It has been studied over the past 30 years with very successful, though not conclusive results. The process of approval from the FDA is long and drawn out and takes several decades of research. In the meanwhile, NattoKinase is available to us in the form of blood pressure supplements along with other blood pressure vitamins. It is interesting to note that today, in spite of having a higher incidence of smoking, Japan still ranks lower in instances of deaths related to cardiovascular health than the United States. Many experts have attributed this to diet, particularly in the form of Natto Supplement.

Heart diseases and related symptoms are very common nowadays. In order to prevent from such ailments and overcome the risk of heart problems Nattokinase is one of the beneficial supplements for millions of people. Natto refers to the food made of boiled soybean that is fermented with certain bacteria. Nattokinase enzymes are produced during this food preparation. These enzymes are also called Nattozimes. They can be used to cure blood related disorders and also minimizes the chances of developing heart related diseases. Nattokinase is highly valued in the medical fraternity as they can be effectively used as a blood-thinner or a clot-buster. In fact, they are even recommended for aspirin therapy. These supplements provide natural support for preventing heart diseases and maintain blood flow.

Scientific Support of NattoKinase

There is strong suggestive evidence from research that indicates the use of Nattokinase as a nutrient for specifically supporting healthy blood pressure. In fact, since this nutrient has had highly successful results with little or no known side effects, even doctors are known to recommend this natural, nutritional support. Blood pressure supplements containing NattoKinase and other vital blood pressure vitamins may be used by people who are prone to blood pressure fluctuations or those who simply want to maintain healthy blood pressure.

Blood pressure supplements containing NattoKinase and other blood pressure vitamins like Vitamin D and folic acid (a B vitamin) are believed to:

1.Help support normal blood pressure

2.Help support healthy blood circulation and flow

3.Help support healthy fibrin levels. A high level of fibrin is linked to the formation of blood clots.

4.Help maintain and support healthy production of plasmin and other enzymes found naturally in the blood. Their function is to help dissolve blood clots.

5.Help support healthy homocysteine levels in the blood which in turn helps to support cardiovascular health

As we age, a natural enzyme called plasmin, that our own bodies produce, starts to decrease. This plasmin has a very important role in breaking down fibrin, the stuff that binds blood platelets together. That leaves us in a very vulnerable position. We are at high risk of developing blood clots not only in hardening arteries, but also in the veins, and these clots can cause heart attacks and stroke, as they block the blood flow to the heart and brain, starving them of oxygen. Enter Nattokinase! This super enzyme is literally a life saver. It behaves just like the plasmin that`s lacking in our system and is known for its ability to disperse a thrombus by dissolving the fibrin. Nattokinase has the ability to actually help dissolve and remove fibrinogen, cholesterol and plaque deposits from the arteries and blood vessels of the body.

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